When the city has openings and is accepting applications, it will be posted at this location. An application form can be found at the bottom of this page, or apply online at www.hrepartners.com.

City Maintenance 1 Opening

Minimum Requirements:

  • Ability to operate light to heavy equipment.
  • Maintenance of city buildings, streets, parks, ditches, equipment, pool, and water and sewer plants.
  • Some carpentry skills and mechanical abilities, ability to trim trees and mow.
  • Ability to work well with other employees and take instructions.
  • Ability to lift 75 pounds.
  • Must have clean driving record. A motor vehicle record check will be made to determine acceptance of past driving record.
  • Possession of a valid Class B CDL driver's license or ability to attain.
  • Must pass pre-employment drug screen and physical examination.
  • Must pass criminal background check.
  • Salary dependent upon qualifications.
  • Position open until filled.

Belle Plaine Summer Sports Director

The director of summer sports operations is responsible for the daily management of the Belle Plaine summer sports program.  The job requires night, weekend and holiday work as well as travel. Additionally, manage and oversee all travel plans and logistics.

Basic Responsibilities

1.      Adhering to all League and Parks and Recreation Boards policies and regulations

2.      Hiring staff for home games (i.e. janitorial staff, referees, officials)

3.      Implementing and enforcing the policies and rules of the league

4.      Interacting and/or resolving conflicts with officials, players, teams, coaches and fans

5.      Supervising league activities and facilities to ensure the safety and smooth operation

6.      Overseeing/Implementing the following duties below

a.       Scheduling

b.      Communication and promotion of programs

c.       Securing coach(es) for each team

d.      Collecting team checks, or fees

e.       Finalizing game brackets

f.        Communicating with teams/league schedulers

g.      Arranging game officials, and scorebook persons

h.      Purchasing and presenting trophies

i.        Organizing field and site facilities

j.        Coordinate and assign concessions

k.      Arrange for team pictures

l.        Maintain the cleanliness of, but not limited, to dugouts, fields, restrooms, and concessions.

Evaluations, Experiences

Director of summer sports will be required to evaluate the league after the season has concluded. The evaluation will determine what aspects went well and what aspects need improving in order to update and improve the job descriptions of the Director of summer sports and other staff members for the following season.


In running a successful league, the Director of summer sports should have the ability to achieve numerous outcomes. Those outcomes include the following, but not limited to:

  1. Creating a positive league experience for the fans and participants.
  2. Resolving conflicts amicably
  3. Create an environment for positive morale

The salary for a director of summer sports will be $870. Paid in 4 installments. April, May, June and July. Date to be determined.

This a working document. Some items may be added or deleted with discussion with the director. 

Belle Plaine Kansas,
May 11, 2016, 9:58 AM