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Trash Service

City trash service provided by Waste Connections

Recycling offered with contracted services

The City of Belle Plaine has contracted with Waste Connections to provide improved trash services.
With the citywide contracted service, residents have curbside recycling. A second trash cart for recycling, will be picked up every other week. See the flyer at the bottom of this page for information on what can be recycled. The calendar at the bottom o
f this page also
reflects the recycle schedule. A printable calendar can be found by clicking here.

The rates for residential and commercial customers are listed in
the charts at left. Residents who wish to have the Senior rate must show an ID at city hall to prove their age.
The contracted service includes options for the pickup of additional trash on a routine basis. Call City Hall at 488-3433 by noon on Mondays to have bulk items picked up that week.

Recycle Reward Program


The Recycle Reward Program through Waste Connections has been discontinued..
The single stream recycling program remains intact and will continue to be picked up as scheduled.
All reward points already earned by customers will remain in their accounts and they will be able to use them until they run out.
Waste Connections had provided a Recycle Reward (RecycleBank) Program since January 2009. According to a letter from Herschel West, of Waste Connections of Kansas, the program was a success when it was new.
“Over 50 percent of our residential recycle customers would go online and redeem their points that they earned,” he wrote.
Two years ago, the company noted that the partnership with RecycleBank, and the rewards that were being offered were not being redeemed like they were when the program first started. At that time, Waste Connections changed partners and customers were offered Recycling Perks for the rewards program. However, the program has not had a lot of customers sign up.
“After 10 months of service there are less than 4 percent of our residential recycle customers using the program,” he wrote.

Trash cart pickup provided for elderly or handicapped
Those who are elderly or handicapped and cannot take their trash carts to the curb can have their carts picked up by Waste Connections each week.

The carts must be visible from the street for this pickup service. Waste Connections employees are not allowed to go into back yards or garages to get the carts.

Call Belle Plaine City Hall at 488-3433, if you do not have this service and need it.

Holiday pickup

Waste Connections of Wichita does not provide residential garbage removal on the following holidays which could impact trash and recycling services in Belle Plaine: Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

These are the only holidays that might affect your trash and recycling service.

If one of the above holidays falls on a service day, the day of the holiday and the following days will be delayed one day. (Example: New Year's Day falls on Wednesday so customers will be picked up on Thursday.)