Animal Control

 The Belle Plaine Police Department performs the duties of animal control. The Belle Plaine City Pound is used to house dogs that are found running at-large within the city, until the owners can be located. The City Pound is located at the City Sewer Facility at 80th and Line. No animal shall be released without the permission of the Police Department.  No animal will be released without proof of current rabies immunization, being registered with the City and payment of impound fine.


Keep pets tagged under City Code

All cats and dogs in Belle Plaine must be licensed and tagged under City Code. Licensing helps ensure public (and animal) health by requiring up-to-date rabies vaccinations. More importantly, if they are found running loose, Belle Plaine police have a better chance of finding the owner quickly.

Licensing is easy – bring the vaccination certificate from your veterinarian to City Hall and pay $10 (only $5 if they are spayed or neutered) for the tag.

City Code states that pets not tagged by March 1 will pay double fees. That is enforced.